Welcome to the Roughton Benefice Website

We are a group of 6 congregations with 7 churches just south of Cromer in Norfolk within the Diocese of Norwich. Our churches are open every day of the year.


But church is not just about buildings, beautiful as they are.  They bear witness to generations of worship, prayer and service to God and our communities.  The real essence of church is people.


It is also about how we relate to God as we walk through life.  To find out more about the Christian life (including Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings and Funerals), please go to the "Let's walk together" page. 


To help you find your way around this website, we have included a page called "Site Map".   

From time to time churches undertake building projects, either for reasons of necessity or choice to make the buildings more suitable for the coming years.  In the Roughton Benefice we have such projects coming up.  The first is at Felbrigg and the second at Sustead.  They will affect our use of the buildings during the duration of the work.  Please see the relevant church pages and the "For Your Diary" page to see how your visit to any of our churches might be affected.  We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause, but one emphasis is to get water to our buildings.  That will in turn permit the installation of toilets.  


We would love to hear from you, by e-mail to rev.roughton@gmail.com or by phone on 01263 768075.

Revd Janet Frymann

Where are we?

The Benefice of Roughton consists of six rural parishes with 7 churches across a wide area just to the south of the seaside town of Cromer on the north Norfolk coast, about twenty miles north of Norwich.

We can be found on Google Maps or OS sheet 252.

Our churches are                                                                   Postcode                       OS Reference

  • Roughton                    St Mary the Virgin                        NR11 8SZ                         221366
  • Bessingham                 St Mary the Virgin                       NR11 7JP                          167371
  • Felbrigg                       St Margaret of Antioch                NR11 8PR                         196390
  • Metton                         St Andrew's                                NR11 8QU                         198374
  • Sustead                       St Peter & St Paul                         NR11 8RU                         183370

Gunton parish combined with Hanworth

  • Hanworth                    St Bartholomew                           NR11 7HD                         203348
  • Gunton                        St Andrew                                   NR11 7HJ                          228342

We look forward to your joining us or visiting us.