Felbrigg Flower Festival 2016

‘A Celebration of Shakespeare’


We will take a walk round the church starting at the South Door and walking in a clockwise direction past the font at the west end, along the north wall to the East window under the Communion table, and along the south wall to leave by the South Door again.


By the font is the tea and coffee table where there was a good selection of cakes to suit all diets and tatstes!


Which play shall we watch (Click to select.)?  

  1. The Tempest

  2. Richard ll

  3. Richard lll

  4. A Winter’s Tale

  5. Othello

  6. Henry V

  7. Macbeth

  8. The Merchant of Venice**

  9. Romeo & Juliet

  10. Hamlet

  11. Midsummer Night’s Dream

  12. As you like it

  13. King Lear

  14. Anthony & Cleopatra

  15. Julius Ceasar


** Although there was a display for the Merchant of Venice, there was no commentary and, at present, we have no photos.


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