Metton Church Buildings

This church has a square unbuttressed west tower of the early 14th century. Its unusual feature is the passage underneath it at ground level giving access to the burial yard at the rear.


The pre-Victorian organ has a Grecian style encasement.


The roof soffit has been boarded up making the church feel intimate. Small, oval stained-glass panels from Belgium adorn the east window. A constable’s truncheon is attached to the wall. Behind the church is the old Georgian parsonage which is an unusual survival.


The Victorians added both a cladding over the Chancel and the pews.


Points of Interest

Worthy of note during your visit are:

  • The passage underneath the Tower
  • The constable’s truncheon
  • the roundels of Flemish glass in the east window
  • a fine civilian brass to Robert and Matilda Doughty which is by the south door, under the table.


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