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The Rectory,
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Rev’d Janet is undergoing surgery on 18th May and will be away from the Benefice until September.  In her absence you are asked to use the following as the initial points of contact. As the parishes of Bessingham and Metton do  not currently have any churchwardens in post, please contact Stephen Seamer, Liz Ranger, Simone Hume or Rev’d Christian Heycocks regarding these churches.  Please be assured we do aim to continue to serve our churches and communities at this time.


Rev’d Stephen  Seamer

Mrs Liz Ranger

Mrs Liz Ranger

Mrs Simone Hume

Mrs Priscilla McDougal

Mrs Helen Mortimer

Dave Wiltshire


Rev’d Christian Heycocks

01263 479616      Hon Asst Minister

01263 761750      Lay Reader

01263 761750      Church Warden

01263 711346      AWA

01263 577247     Church Warden

01263 511132     Church Warden

01263 768104     Church Warden


01263 822089     Rural Dean








We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you.

Rev’d Janet Frymann

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