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The coronavirus has turned all our lives upside down.  We will try to keep you up to date with information as we get it to help you to know what is going on in the villages of our benefice, Roughton,, Bessingham, Felbrigg, Gunton, Hanworth, Metton and Sustead.

Church Services


Building Projects.

Work at Roughton has recommenced, the loo is up and running!! (With a temporary door) and work on fitting the kitchen units is underway.

Social Events

The Felbrigg  Flower Festival has had to be postponed.  The Summer Rectory Garden Party, likewise, has been cancelled.

Community Organisations

The meetings of both the WI and MU have stopped with the related craft activities.  However, that does not mean that there is no activity. We have received the following message from Angela Newton of the Roughton WI.

Roughton & District WI

Because of the present Coronavirus epidemic, Roughton WI have cancelled all events, meetings, outings, workshops, visits and classes during April and May.  We will review the situation in mid May when we all know more.  We, as a community supportive organisation, are very sad to have to do this, but we work on the premise:  better to be safe than sorry!  If you know of anyone who is concerned, lonely, worried, or in need or help and advice (even a voice on the telephone!), please contact me and I will arrange for one of our members to phone or email them with support and information. We will come through this if we look after one another, and are aware of and support those less vulnerable than ourselves. President:  Angela Newton (01263 514476)

My prayers are not just for the present but for the future when we re-emerge into the daylight of everyday “normality”! – what can we learn from all of this? and what sort of world will we face? – more unemployment, fewer firms/businesses, probably changes to our way of life and our high street, and on the other side of the coin, hopefully, a more understanding and caring people who finally realise just how small the world is and how involved and linked we all are with each and every other person.

“Take care, stay healthy and keep in touch” – my mantra to everybody I am in contact with!

Mothers Union

If have any queries ring Simone Hume on 01263 711346.


In Roughton Harvest Energy garage (including the Spar shop) are open.  If you have questions for them ring  on 0114 481 0997.
The Fish shop remains open.  01263 761289.
The New Inn is doing a takeaway service.  01263 761389.  Go to their website



Keep safe.  Stay well.  Seek help when you need it!

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