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This church is dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch.  It is a splendid church built by the de Felbrigg family in the early 1400s in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall. Their note-worthy brass sepulchre memorials are on the floor. The inside of the church retains its Georgian box-pews and elaborate marble monuments to the later family of the Hall – the Windhams.  The church was built when the estate was producing its own bricks to develop the main house.  The churchyard is still used for burials and the interment of ashes.

Our congregation is drawn from the local area and many visitors to the area, on holiday in the district, walking Weavers’s Way or visiting Felbrigg Hall. However, in the winter months the fields around the church get too muddy to allow safe passage.  We then join the congregation at Metton.

The church is situated in the middle of the National Trust estate about 1½ miles from the village.  Historically the village was once near to the church in what is now the park, but it was moved after an outbreak of plague. Felbrigg is an old norse name meaning “plank bridge”.

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