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Felbrigg Building Project

The first phase is the replacement of the West window.  After many years of fund-raising we are carrying out the work for which we have received many donations, not least via the “Sponsor a Pane” scheme promoted at recent Flower Festivals.  The scaffolding went up in March, both inside and outside the church tower and west end.  But now (21st June) the scaffolding has gone and the church is open again!!

The Great News is that the builders have completed the work on the West Window!!

The photos above were taken between 20th and 24th June.  Since the departure of the contractors and their equipment the church has been thoroughly cleaned and is open for visitors (every day!) and services (twice a month) again, to say nothing of the Flower Festival on 14th to 16th July .

Accordingly we want to say a big “Thank You” to all who helped with the Big Clean Days, Tuesday 19th  and Saturday 23rd June.

The second phase, namely the provision of water, has also been completed.  This means that Felbrigg is the first church in the benefice to have running water!!

The third phase of the programme is to improve the track across the field to make the church accessible throughout the year.  The track has now been re-laid with shingle to make it usable throughout the year.   The National Trust have photographed the coffins in the crypt and some of the work is now on display in the church.

A further phase includes repairs to the main roof. More details of future phases will be published as time progresses.

While we have received much financial support for this work, there is still scope to give to this work.  If you would like more details of how you can get involved, please contact our Secretary, John Blair (01263 510317).

Thank you for your support and patience.

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