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Felbrigg Building Project

The first phase is the replacement of the West window.  After many years of fund-raising we are carrying out the work for which we have received many donations, not least via the “Sponsor a Pane” scheme promoted at recent Flower Festivals.  The scaffolding is now up, both inside and outside the church tower and west end.  Consequently the church is locked unless the builders are on site.  The church cannot, sadly, be open for visitors.  It does mean that access to the churchyard is also restricted and care must be taken.  The work of removing the glass, repairing/replacing the stonework and replacing the glass was initially expected to take until late April.  We had hoped to be able to celebrate Easter in Felbrigg.  However, the weather does not always help the builders!

Watch this space!!  Also look at the “For your Diary” page.

Further phases include the provision of water (and drainage!) and repairs to the main roof.

As of Saturday 21 April the stonemasons had started to re-build the masonry of the west window. Once this has been done the glaziers can re-install the window.

More details will be published as the work progresses.

While we have received much financial support for this work, there is still scope to give to this work.  If you would like more details of how you can get involved, please contact our Church warden, Mary (01263 513072).

Thank you for your support and patience.

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