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Felbrigg Church Building

It is a splendid church built by the de Felbrigg family in the early 1400s in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall  when the estate was producing its own bricks to develop the main house.  At this time the work was under the care of Sir Simon de Felbrigg and included the building of the tower and the North and South porches together with the fine roof with its carved bosses and a sidelia and piscina (built in the 14th century).

The Chancel, bright with five large windows, and the font predate Sir Simon’s modifications.

There are various monuments to the de Felbrigg family.  They sold the house to the Windham family in 1459.

There are a variety of monuments to the Windham family including one to William Windham (1750-1810) that spoils the access to the sidelia and piscina.

There are a number of other monuments to the Windham family, including one by Grinling Gibbons for William Windham (d. 1689).

The side windows of the chancel were blocked during gthe 16th and 17th centuries to provide room to display the monuments while the East window was opened out to its present size in 1874.  The  box-pews, with their unusual seating on 3 sides were added during the reign of George lll.  The nave and these pews escaped the pew changes beloved of the Victorians.

Over many years elaborate marble monuments to the later family of the Hall – the Windhams – were added.

A small crypt was added underneath the nave of the Church to house the coffins of many members of the Windham family.  Access for coffins was via a chute in the South wall, for visitors via a door in one of the pews

The tower has 1 single bell, made in 1707 and an unusual wafer oven and chimney beside the tower stairs.  The West door under the tower has been closed off.

The Church underwent some refurbishment in  the 1960’s and was provided with electricity at that time.  There is a plaque to commemorate both events.

Video Clip

To see a short video clip of the church giving you a 360 degree view, please clip on the link below.

Felbrigg Church Video Clip

Points of Interest

Worthy of note during your visit are:

  • the memorial brasses in the nave
  • the box pews which are unusual in having have seats on 3 sides
  • the monuments to the Windham Family
  • an unusual wafer oven and chimney beside the tower stairs.
  • the fine roof with carved bosses
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