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Roughton Church is set to become the second church within the benefice to have running water available within the church.  Felbrigg got there first in late June!!

Work has now started to bring in running water to supply a kitchenette and  toilet and washing facilities.  Disruption to the building should be minimal and all services are planned to continue as normal.  If that changes we will let you know via this page and the “For Your Diary” page.

We have got to the stage of laying a pipe from the the water mains (near the Rectory) to the church.  That means digging a trench across part of the churchyard to carry the pipe.  The presence of the trench means that access across that part of the churchyard is closed.  Please access the churchyard from the car park off the A140, Norwich Road and the church by parking in Church Loke and using that gate to get into the church.  Thank you.

There will still be significant work to do even after the pipe has been laid.  Watch this space!!

Sorry for any inconvenience while we add conveniences!!

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