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Sustead War Memorial

The Sustead War Memorial is a scroll inside the church.  It is hand-written and records those who served during WW1. Given that it appears that one hand wrote all the entries, but the names seem to be in random order and not all written at the same time (based on the colour of the ink), one wonders whether these names were recorded in the order in which people went to serve. The scroll is a request for prayers “for those who have gone to serve their King and country by land, sea and air.”

Those listed are (in alphabetical order):

  • Leonard Walter Clarence Abel
  • Cecil Francis Barker
  • Donald William Barker
  • Edward Bishop
  • Elgar Earnest Craske
  • Walter James Craske
  • Arthur George Green
  • Alfred Sydney Love
  • Leonard Monsey
  • Malcolm Monsey
  • Edward Marshall Tice



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