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Remembrance 2018

This year marks the centenary of the armistice that marked the end of the First World War, known for a while as “The Great War”.

The impact on societies was very severe. From the United Kingdom 887,858 combatants died and a further 1,675,000 were injured.  It is estimated that some 9 million combatants and seven million  civilians died as direct result of the war.  Of the 60 million European military personnel who were mobilised from 1914 to 1918, 8 million were killed, 7 million were permanently disabled, and 15 million were seriously injured. Germany lost 15.1% of its active male population, Austria-Hungary lost 17.1%, and France lost 10.5%.

There are various memorials in the benefice to the dead and others who served in the two world wars.

They are as follows:

  • Bessingham      Inside the church
  • Felbrigg            A stone memorial on the village green
  • Gunton             A scroll inside the church
  • Hanworth        A wooden roll of honour inside the Memorial Hall
  • Metton             A stone memorial outside the church
  • Roughton        A stone memorial inside the church
  • Sustead            A roll of honour inside the church

These memorials are shown under each church, together with a list of all the names.  Many memorials were expanded to include those who died or served in World War 2.  Those names will be added to this website in the near future.

The war memorials list the following numbers of people who died and served as well as the population figures for each community from the 1911 Census

  .                                            Population         Died      Also served

  • Bessingham                             68                2      None listed
  • Felbrigg                                   181              12      None listed
  • Gunton                                     80                 1                      11
  • Hanworth                                 76                4                      38
  • Metton                                      83                3                      16
  • Roughton                               529              19        None listed
  • Sustead                                  127                0                      11

Totals                                         1,144              41                     76

Our commemorations will be held as follows:

  • Felbrigg                            9:30am on the Green (in the Village Hall if wet)
  • Hanworth                      10.50am in the Memorial Hall
  • Roughton                       11:00am in St Mary’s Church.

All will be followed by refreshments to which you will be welcome.

We have prepared a memorial sheet to cover the benefice churches, commemorating those who died or served in the First World War.  Click to see it  Remembrance 2018.

Under each church we have a section to show pictures of their war memorial, a roll of honour and (where possible) a copy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Certificate of their commemoration.  To access a person’s CWGC Certificate click on “CWGC” next to their name.  To access the records created after the 2009 research for the Felbrigg commemorated, please click on the “2009” next to their name.  We have included some records from the 1911 Census.  To access such records for any individual please click on the “1911 Census” next to their name.

Click here for each church:








The CWGC  looks after several memorials overseas.  They are listed below with a link to the CWGC web-site with details of each memorial.

Remembrance Sunday 2018 in Roughton Church

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