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Baptism has long been a ceremony to mark dedication or commitment to service. Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan at the start of his three years of ministry.

Baptism is a public response to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ, declared in the Bible and accepted by an individual. It is a statement of desire to commit to following Jesus in your everyday life and to joining others who seek to live out this faith in word and deed.

For many of us our Christian walk started at Baptism/Christening when we were babies. At that stage parents and godparents made promises on our behalf. Baptism is a service of commitment by parents to bring up the child in the Christian faith supported by friends and the local Christian community. In order to include the support of the Christian community the Baptism is normally conducted as part of a Sunday morning service. Please contact Revd Janet if this is something you wish to consider for your child(ren) at this time.

If you have just had a baby, but do not feel ready for the commitment of baptism but wish to thank God for the safe arrival of your new child, we can always help with a service of thanksgiving. This may also be appropriate where you are adopting a child who has already been baptised but you wish to thank God for your child’s addition to the family.

To read more about baptism you might like to visit the Church of England web-site about christenings, For baptisms for adults you should go to

After a baptism in September 2019 we received the following comments and the photo to go with it.

Dear Janet
Thank you so much for yesterday. P’s baptism was such a special service – our family and friends felt so comfortable, and having our Cousin D in Columbia as part of the service is something we never thought possible. You have been so supportive in helping us prepare as a family for the start of P’s journey into faith.
J & B
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