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Later, at any age we can re-make those promises for ourselves at a Confirmation Service. This is the point in your Christian life when you want to affirm for yourself the promises made on your behalf when you were an infant. You make your own declaration to a life of committed discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you were baptised as an infant and want to explore more what it means for you today, why not consider Conformation? If you do want to consider this step please contact Rev’d Janet. You will then have a number of informal meetings with someone from the church where you can ask questions and explore the Christian faith. You can then decide whether this step is appropriate for you at this time.

When the baptism is of an older person, confirmation can follow immediately.

The confirmation service is normally conducted by a Bishop who will lay his/her hands on you and pray for you. It is a joyful occasion for all the family and friends.

There is a lot of useful information on the Church of England web-site,

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