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In common with most churches within the Church of England we follow the set readings from the Bible and prayers for each Sunday in the year.

Weekly Readings

The weekly Bible readings are set out in a form called “The Lectionary”.  This is designed to cover most of the Bible over a three-year period.  We attach sheets covering the readings and set prayers for each week so that you can see what is coming.

Weekly Sheets:

You might like to ask yourself, when looking at the readings, what is the common thread running through all the passages for the day.  If you would like to see the passage in its context, or in a different translation you could go to for more help.   Alternatively you could access the Bible Society,

For personal bible study and daily reflection, you could use the website for Bible Gateway ( or the Bible Society ( ) where you will find many resources to help you to read and understand the Bible better.

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